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  • Freedom Convoy, Para Sa Araw Ng Kalayaan
    June 12, 2022 celebrates the Philippines’ 124th anniversary of Independence Day! Join us in reclaiming our health freedom and human rights. As our country continues to be plagued by fear, censorship, and medical tyranny, we continue to spread awareness stand for truth. Ngayong Araw Ng Kalayaan, makisakay sa katotohanan at ipaglaban ang karapatan sa kalayaang medikal. Download graphics and posters for printing HERE. This […]
  • Convoys & Caravans: A Weekend Of Freedom
    The multi-city rollout was not a concerted effort, but rather a grassroots synchronicity. We knew that the common cause to quash the mandates and spread the truth was gaining support; but we didn't realize it had been spreading like wildfire. I think many were pleasantly surprised at how much the movement had grown, and just how many were ready to mobilize.
  • Sakdal Laya: Unity Convoy Sparks Awareness
    This is not a movement against vaccines - rather, this is a call for compassion for the vaccine-injured; for the freedom to choose, for the right to privacy, travel, work, and education; for the autonomy of our bodies and businesses; and for the acknowledgement that these vaccines are experimental, and that there are safer treatments available.
  • Posters and Printouts for Unity Convoy
    Be seen and be heard! Use these posters for our upcoming convoy for health, truth, and freedom:
  • Unity Convoy (NCR) Happening This Friday
    Our long wait is now over! The time has come for us to show ourselves on the streets and be heard – to invite our fellow Filipinos to conversations and progressive dialogue. Our friends at PRACT are once again mobilizing as we join them for a Unity Convoy for Health, Truth, and Freedom. Many of you have asked when, where, and how; more […]