Convoys & Caravans: A Weekend Of Freedom

Inspired by the Canadian truckers holding the line, many in the Philippines have taken to the streets – peacefully and effectively; riding out in their vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, and on foot. On the weekend of February 25 and 26 and despite the hike in gas prices, groups from NCR +, Palawan, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Capiz organized and mobilized their freedom convoys & caravans. (Read also: Unity Convoy Launched in Various Parts of the Philippines. The shared goal was to spread awareness to our communities about the questionable Covid-19 vaccines on their scientific, legal, and moral integrities. Is it safe and effective? Is there informed consent? Does it do more harm than good? Our intention is to spark everyone’s critical thinking by way of peaceful demonstration.

The multi-city rollout was not a concerted effort, but rather a grassroots synchronicity. We knew that the common cause to quash the mandates and spread the truth was gaining support; but we didn’t realize it had been spreading like wildfire. I think many were pleasantly surprised at how much the movement had grown, and just how many were ready to mobilize.

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Palaweños for Health Freedom: Peace Caravan | Feb. 25, 2022 | Puerto Princesa

  • Route: Puerto Princesa City
  • Riders: 100+
  • Vehicles: 28+
  • Motorbikes: 28+
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X-MAN Freedom Caravan | Feb. 25, 2022 | Negros Occidental

  • Route: Bacolod City
  • Riders: tbc
  • Vehicles: 70+
  • Motorbikes: tbc
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Unity Convoy for Health, Truth, and Freedom | Feb. 26, 2022 | Metro Manila

  • Route: Pasay City – Quezon City
  • Riders: 100+
  • Vehicles: 24+
  • Motorbikes: 17+
  • Cyclists: 8
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GOD Protect Iloilo Freedom Convoy | Feb. 26, 2022 | Panay Island

  • Route: Iloilo City – Capiz
  • Riders: tbc
  • Vehicles: tbc
  • Motorbikes: tbc

Thanks to groups like Concerned DX and CX, Covid Call To Humanity, Juan Dakila, Alliance of Filipinos for Freedom and Informed Choice and the many others who freely and courageously share correct information, more of us took inspired action. The disinformation and propaganda that is being inflicted on the Filipino people can only be combatted with, first and foremost, education.

We campaign for the cause, both online and offline, so that civil society can ask the important questions that mainstream media outlets have yet to report on: the legal and scientific issues surrounding the current pandemic response and the transition to the new normal. The coincidental coordination of dates of the convoys and caravans speaks volumes of the collective sentiments of the people.

While most of us remain non-partisan, we also acknowledge that the weekend of February 25th represents a significant date in our history – whichever way you lean politically, what was celebrated was the spirit of the Filipino people and our ability as humans to come together and impact change. And in order to be as inclusive and as practical as possible, the holiday and long-weekend meant more workers were able to join the ride; and it ensured that there would be no obstruction, delays, and disruption of traffic. Many groups have continuously been protesting on the streets and launching initiatives to peacefully and lawfully assert our rights as Filipinos, as humans. (See also: Christian Alliance for Covid Resilient Philippines; VX and UNVX for Human Rights; Constitutionally Compliant Businesses PH; Wall Breakers;Isang Malaya, Gising Maharlika, Nanay Gemma Malunggay Queen)

FreedomConvoyPH x PRACT | Image: Sinag T

After two years of managing a crisis without the input of civil society, the public is beginning to form its own concerns and conclusions based on truth, science, and compassion. The censorship and discrimination continue, the blatant disregard for the law and human rights has yet to be addressed. We have more to do and more to learn – and despite the adversities, we know that the seeds we plant will come into fruition.

Video: Wall Breakers

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