Unity Convoy (NCR) Happening This Friday

Our long wait is now over! The time has come for us to show ourselves on the streets and be heard – to invite our fellow Filipinos to conversations and progressive dialogue. Our friends at PRACT are once again mobilizing as we join them for a Unity Convoy for Health, Truth, and Freedom.

Many of you have asked when, where, and how; more importantly, many of you shared concerns about missing work – hoping the date will fall on a weekend or a non-working day to be able join. An answered prayer comes in the form of a regular holiday that also falls on a long weekend! Join us this Friday (even without a vehicle!)

Shared Sentiments

As our numbers grow and so do the concerns of our citizens, we encourage all groups of similar causes to work together towards shared goals. And all the more, we encourage everyone – Filipinos and all citizens of the world – to take the time to talk to one another, and come back to our humanity. The path to peace begins with speaking out.


This is a peaceful and non-political convoy with zero-tolerance for any and all forms of violence, aggression, hate, and hatespeech towards any group or persons.

Contributions for gas, food, and printing are welcome via CCH’s account:

Gcash Donations: 09264707086 (Christopher E)

If you have already signed up on our main list, you may check the Facebook groups for coordination . You may also sign up again or get in touch with the PRACT team at 09568052910. Please only choose one to avoid duplicates.

Last Thursday February 17, 2022, our team joined the Caravan for Health, Truth, and Freedom – an initiative by Covid Call To Humanity (CCH) and The Philippine Resistance Against Covid Tyranny (PRACT) that sought to respond to the ongoing crisis of unlawful and unethical policies we face today.

The caravan brought hope in the form of honks, as a show of support from other commuters and motorists – proving we are not alone in our cause and truth. The activity lead to awareness, thumbs-ups, and curious stares from onlookers, and engagement with police force without violence. The confrontation was diplomatic and ended in compassion. Prayers were given, including for our law enforcers and their families, before finally concluding the successful and peaceful gathering.

Read more about it here: [PRACT’s First Initiated Caravan in Metro Manila, Successful]

Read more about peaceful demonstrations from covidcalltohumanity.org

Read more about convoys in other regions this weekend [HERE]

We would like to reiterate that FreedomConvoyPH is a non-partisan, non-political group whose main aim is to engage in peaceful dialogue with all members of society, in order to find better ways to end the pandemic together. Join us by registering on our main list to cover all activities:

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